I just have 5 items to embroider. Do you have a minimum?

We do not have a minimum run requirement. We will happily embroider one item or 500!

What are the extra fees for?

There is a set-up fee for the first time we run your items. This set-up fee includes the digitizing of your logo, color choices and a test run to meet with your approval. Multiple runs requested by client may result in additional charges. Once you are happy with the sample your items will be run. Please note that the set-up fee is separate from the embroidery fee.

I have several shirts I bought at the store. May I drop those off or do you have to provide the product?

We do take items from you to embroider. However, they must be new or clean for us to run them.

I have a logo with multiple colors. Will that cost more?

We do not charge more for running your items with multiple colors, nor do we charge less if it is in just one color.

Why are there no prices listed on your website?

Prices are fluctuating so much these days that it would be almost impossible to keep up with the changes and keep the website accurate.

What is your turn around time?

We try to stay under 2 weeks for turn around. You may always contact us to see what our current timing is.

We have an heirloom item that we want to embroider. Is that something you do?

Yes. As long as you understand that embroidery machines work great 95% of the time. However, 5% of the time they decide to eat an item and we cannot predict nor repair the item when that occurs. If we can fix it, we absolutely will, but we will not replace an item that has been damaged.

Still have more questions, call us at (317) 694-5685 and we can help.

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